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BR0THA_Havok was born in Toronto. He was raised by his grandmother whom he calls the “perfect blend of good and evil in manners, fun and discipline.” He spent much of his youth free styling and battling with his friends in the projects. They would cipher from one to another for hours. It was during these “musical sessions” his friends noticed his talents and encouraged it. His teachers also acknowledged and mentored his composition skills. He found, his writing skills were like 2nd nature to him and community members noticed this and encouraged his talents.

In 2008, after 5 years of composing songs, BR0THA_Havok embarked on new horizons in his career. He began performing at public events, open mike shows, and community concerts. There he developed his stage appeal. He was charming, cool, and had a soothing tone that made you want to listen. It was during one of these community events that he met Mad LinQz. They began working together immediately.

From 2009 - 2012 BR0THA_Havok worked on various collaborations and projects like Big on Bloor, Fallen Zoldierz, the Lion Roars, Open Mic with, and the Taste of Pelham. He has worked with artists like: Fire Kid Steenie, Capleton, Johnny Smash, Top Class Promotions, Chin Sister Promo, Royal Family, Blessed, King Ujah, Uzman, Righteousness n Omri, Tandi B, Baby d, Black Reaction Sound, Step A Choice, Mike Stoan, Black Tallant Sound, and Sister Souljah. By the end of 2012 BR0THA_Havok was the 1st artist signed to LinQz Ent.

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